Imascap SAS was created in 2009 by Jean Chaoui for the commercialization of the outcome of doctoral research on the subject of computer assisted surgery of the shoulder. The work was initially supported by specialist surgeons in the field of shoulder and by Telecom Bretagne. The team of three engineers rapidly developed a first software prototype, demonstrating the value of the technology. This work attracted the interest of several world leaders in the shoulder arthroplasty market, and in 2013, Imascap commenced production of a commercial product to be marketed through a leading orthopedic company.

Following this accomplishment, Imascap has continued to expand its team and expertise, and now is made up of a team of 45, and recognized in the industry as an expert in the field of surgery of the shoulder, image processing and analysis.

The Project

Imascap develops software for preoperative planning of shoulder replacement surgery. Imascaps software system in the ONLY system in the world allowing orthopaedic surgeons to complete independence for planning, with nothing more than image data provided by CT scan of the patient. The software allows the surgeon to automatically conceive a surgical guide adapted particularly to the patient anatomy, which permits the surgeon to implant the prosthesis in a position that closely matched the software plan. The system has been developed in close collaboration with internationally recognized experts in the shoulder field, providing an innovation and practical solution to the operating room.


Imascap is focused on applying its technical expertise to serve orthopaedic surgery by furnishing patient specific solutions and participating in the development of new generations of prostheses adapting this new and innovating technology.


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